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Welcome to My QueenDom of Female-Led lifestyle where you will be trained to be My perfect admirer. Explore your desire to give up your power to the Lady of your dreams. Read more about Me and I am looking forward to O/our genuine power exchange connection.

Queen Sabrina

Zürich Dominatrix

Rule #1: I do not function on-demand or on your checklist. I offer you the opportunity to serve a Lady. This is My way of life. How I behave depends on My mood for the day as long it does not cross O/our taboo.

Rule #2: I am a classic Dominatrix and not a fetish escort. Hence, you are not allowed to touch Me unless given instruction. Strictly no intimacy or penetration in Me. It will always be CFNM – Clothed Female, naked male behind closed doors.

Rule #3: Discretion and confidentiality are two-way streets. I respect yours, and you will respect Mine too. Safe, sane and consensual (SSC). Boundaries, hygiene, safety and consent are paramount. Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it is a choice.


Lived in Asia’s cosmopolitan city Singapore and am a global citizen — The perfect bridge between Western culture with My mixed Austronesian roots. I am both public and private educated with an arts major. I grew up where chivalry for a Woman is a necessity and I expect no less from admirers who wish to serve Me.

Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo, enhancement or piercings except for a pair of elegant earrings. I am drug-free and do not smoke. Wears minimal makeup and neither do I put on fake eyelashes nor nails.

An independent Dominatrix / Privat Domina.
Mainly based in Zürich, Schweiz when I am not travelling. I am on a constant adventure attending Fetish events, meeting FemDom Women and being served by admirers like you. I can be found in other major cities from Germany, Norway, Luxembourg, Asia, Australia or Fly-Me-to-you.


Brown/Black can be worn straight or curly

Petite, Sporty & Fashionable

Mixed Austronesian

Australian-British-Singaporean Native English,
Basic Spoken Mandarin,
Bahasa Melayu Baku, Casual Bahasa Indonesia,
Basic Nihongo, Basic Hochdeutsch

My kink play interests are broad due to My exposure to the BDSM community worldwide. I do not fancy the typical dungeon-like setting. I believe that kink should be integrated into O/our daily life and have a domestic ambience.

Asian Queen Sabrina Lee | Leather Gloves Nylon Stockings Lingerie Lace | Hamburg - Berlin Dominatrix



Height: 150cm
Weight: 37kg
Bra Size: 30B
Waist Size: XS, 65cm
Clothes Size: EU32
Shoe Size: EU 34/35, 22.5cm


Custom-made, designer pieces or handmade gifts are the best as it is unique and I appreciate the craftsmanship. For shoes, I do not wear flats, slingback heels & sneakers.
Colours: Black, Grey, Maroon & White
Latex Gift Cards: Lady Lucie | Westward Bound


A self-proclaimed foodie with a well-developed palate. Some of the cuisines I adore are Indonesian, Singaporean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, German, Italian and the list goes on. When dining, warm still water or tea works well for Me. I only drink wine and beer to pair with food.


Reading non-fiction books in the library and flipping physical newspapers makes Me happy. I adore intellectual conversations about global affairs and various topics such as finance, tech, real estate, sustainability, politics, arts, fashion & beyond.


My life is full of adventure! Badminton, indoor rock climbing, and trekking are just some examples of how active I keep Myself. I am always up for social dates to history and fashion museums or performances, especially orchestra and opera.


Genuine power exchange connections and dressing up. My kinks for play depend on what I am in the mood for the day. Sensual, caring or sadistic? My personal favourite lies in shibari floorwork while you are being tied and teased.

Asian Queen Sabrina Lee | Bondage Heels Satin | Hamburg - Berlin Dominatrix


If you want a chance to spend time in My presence, kindly introduce yourself respectfully through the contact form. I do not tolerate time wasters, bad manners and excessive annoyance. However, My time and energy are precious and will only direct My attention to admirers that are worth building a connection with – On emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

Mainly based in Zürich, Switzerland but I am flexible to travel to your city on a polite request. I am passport ready, 192 countries visa-free.

    How old are you?

    By checking the following boxes,


    Are you a hands-on individual or have time to show your devotion in real life? What can you do to make My life simpler?


    Far away from where I am or you are shy to show your devotion in real life? Complete tasks virtually and earn your way up.


    No skills or unable to commit enough time? Devote to Me with monetary tributes or gifts to make sure I am well taken care of.


    An introduction to servitude as I train you to be My perfect admirer. The way you speak, behave and think will be corrected. I will examine you based on your fetishes and the taboo that you declared.
    | CHF 1100 for 3 hours |


    My ideal D/s date with you where I will train you to be My perfect admirer and afterwards, dine together at My approved cafe or restaurant that you had researched for Me.
    | CHF 1500 for 5 hours |


    Let Me show you a glimpse of My lifestyle. Have a taste of a Female-Led relationship that you have always dreamed of but are unable to do so due to your commitments. Spend the day in servitude.
    | CHF 3000 for 12 hours | CHF 4800 for 24 hours |


    I adore individuals who are high-achievers and hustle as hard as Me in their vanilla life. However, things are different for you. you’re seeking to liberate yourself, surrender and kneel for Me.

    Ownership is only offered to established admirers who have worked their way up to earn it and are able to commit long-term in the D/s relationship.


    * Do note that you will need to show your devotion (Service/Virtual/Financial) first before you are allowed to have a private servitude session with Me.

    * Tribute rates exclude supplementary costs such as an upscale hotel (4*/5*) of My choice, dining, shopping, transport or entrance fees.

    * A non-refundable deposit is required to secure My precious time and allows Me to plan ahead. Rates are fixed regardless of your declared fetishes and kink interests.

    * I do not accept same-day requests unless there’s a cancellation and hence, advance booking is a must. This allows Me to plan My time with you.